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Thinking cars, subways on computer chips, atoms’ fingerprints – if you want to know, what JKU research is all about, you are cordially invited to join the LIT Lecture Series!

The next three topics are presented on

29 January 2020, 13:00, Forum - LIT Open Innovation Center, JKU

"Fostering Research Collaborations via Open Source Software” Alois Zoitl (LIT Lab for Cyber Physical Systems)

"Towards a multiscale simulation of organic solar cells" Thomas Renger (LIT / Institute for Theoretical Physics)

"Should we tax robots?" Georg Kofler and Michael Tumpel (LIT Law Lab / Institute of Corporate Finance Law, Tax Law, Fiscal Policy and Institute for Business Taxation)

Coffee & cakes provided. We kindly ask you to sign up in advance latest by 22 January 2020.


Veranstaltungsdatum 29. Januar 2020